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We hold an astonishing and varied range of objects in our collection, from a tiny button compass to a genuine Second World War LCVP landing craft.

The D-Day Collection includes military equipment, uniforms, archive documents, maps, vehicles, art, oral history interviews and photographs. It enables us to bring to life the story of the events that led up to D-Day and what happened on the day itself.

If you’d like to offer an artefact to the collection

We are particularly interested in collecting artefacts that have a story that connects them to D-Day and the Battle of Normandy.

If you have an object that you think may be of interest to us for adding to the collection, please get in touch. It will help us if you can tell us as much as you can about the object, including how you acquired it, its story, and an indication of its present condition. Please include photographs if you can.

Unfortunately we are unable to accept every item that we may be offered, and regret that we are unable to provide valuations for artefacts.

 Items that we do collect

  • Personal documents and wartime letters, diaries and photographs or other archive material such as maps or orders that relate to D-Day or the Normandy campaign
  • Objects, such as military equipment or uniforms linked to people who took part in D-Day or the Normandy campaign
  • Items related to the preparations for D-Day, for example companies that built special equipment for D-Day such as the Mulberry Harbours or PLUTO
  • Items related to civilians who were involved in D-Day, for example if they met and made friends with troops in the build-up to D-Day or worked in factories making equipment to be used on D-Day
  • Items related to veterans organisations, events or commemorations linked to D-Day or the Battle of Normandy
  • Items related to non-British participants in D-Day or the Battle of Normandy, for example American, French or German veterans or people who served with other allied contingents
  • Items related to Portsmouth people who served in any theatre of campaign during the Second World War

Items that we do not collect

  • General Second World War military equipment without a story, for example if it is not known who wore or owned it
  • Items related to people who did not serve during the D-Day and Normandy campaign (or the preparations for the campaign) or did not come from Portsmouth
  • Post-war equipment, for example battledress uniforms made after the war, unless it has a connection to Portsmouth


The D-Day Story is an Arts Council England accredited museum (number 1457) and a member of the Museums Association.


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