The D-Day Story Collection


A BSA folding bicycle made in 1943, frame number R24207. This type were used by airborne troops and commandos on D-Day. The history of this particular bicycle is not known. This type of bicycle was designed and manufactured by the Birmingham Small Arms Company (BSA), Birmingham, in response to a specification from the British armed forces. The company made around 65,000 of them. The frame hinges, and this design was specially made for this bike. It was made to be light in weight and compact (so it could be carried around easily), but strong enough for military use. They were intended for special forces such as Commandos or airborne troops. The reason they were used was to enable troops to travel much faster than on foot, but without having to bring larger vehicles like jeeps or lorries with them, which would not be possible in some situations. This type of bicycle was used not just on D-Day in 1944, but also in the Allied landings in North Africa in 1942, during the Battle of Arnhem in 1944 and elsewhere.

Location: On display at The D-Day Story


Reference: 1979/823