The D-Day Story Collection


An Army issue self-heating tin of Heinz Oxtail soup, of the type issued to Allied troops for the crossing to Normandy on and after D-Day. The tin has no label, but has lettering printed directly onto the metal, stating 'Heinz Ox Tail' and giving instructions for use. The tin has a tubular inner section containing a 'candle' (chemical composition uncertain), at the top of which is a wick that was lit to heat the soup. These self-heating tins are said to have been invented by ICI and Heinz. The inner heating element is said to contain cordite (possibly mixed with fibreglass wood). This tin is presumed to date from circa 1944 and is certainly of the wartime type, although the wartime history of this individual object is not known.

Location: On display at The D-Day Story


Reference: 1986/201/3