The D-Day Story Collection


An aerial photograph of the Normandy coastline (King Red Sector, Gold Beach). A number of Landing Craft, Tanks (LCT)] and other large landing craft are at the beach. Inland there are no major built-up areas. Smoke from fires can be seen along the coast. Many tanks and other vehicles are lined up on the beach, and others can be seen making their way inland along a road. This image is part of a series of four aerial photographs in this collection - left to right (east to west) these are 1989/503/4, 1989/503/2, 1989/503/7 and 1989/503/5. Photograph is dated on D-Day itself, and it has the marking of 413 Squadron RAF. This photograph was taken by Air Commodore Andrew Geddes, the Deputy Senior Air Staff Officer of the Second Tactical Air Force. He flew a photographic sortie along all the beaches mid-morning on D-Day, and this is one of the photographs he took then. The wing of the aircraft, bearing invasion stripes, can be seen in the right foreground. One of a collection of seven large aerial photographs of the Normandy beaches. Copied by a firm in Bulawayo, possibly in 1949, presumably from an original wartime photograph. See 'D-Day Then and Now' Vol.2 (After the Battle, 1995) pp.434-435 for a higher altitude photograph of the same beach taken on the same sortie. More information about Air Commodore Geddes' flight on D-Day is given in 1989/503/8.

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Reference: 1989/503/4