The D-Day Story Collection


Cherbourg and Caen

A map of northern France entitled 'Cherbourg and Caen', scale 1:250,000, sheet 3a and 8, 4th edition 'army/air', GSGS 2738, dated 1943. Several roads are marked in ink (probably post-war). Inset in the corner of the map is a small map showing the whole of France and the borders of the surrounding countries, which has been marked in ink to emphasise the borders. On the reverse of this map is printed an outline map of Normandy which indicates the main areas of flooded ground, high ground, major settlements, roads and railways. It also has a photograph of a three dimensional terrain map of the area inland from Omaha Beach, which had been prepared by US forces. The map previously belonged to Captain R. Schwartz, MC (Medical Corps?), US Army.

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Reference: 1989/506/1/1