The D-Day Story Collection


A photograph captioned 'Aerial view of prefabricated port in use at Arromanches'. This is a high altitude aerial photograph, made up of many different photographs joined together. This is the same photograph as 1990/24/13 except that /13 is not annotated. It has been annotated to show various parts of the Harbour. The caption for this series of photographs is stuck on the reverse of the print and reads - 'Two prefabricated ports, each as big as Gibraltar were manufactured in Britain in sections, towed across the channel, and set down off the coast of Normandy. The use of the prefabricated port greatly simplified the problem of supplying the Allied Armies in France.' One of 13 British official photographs of parts of the Mulberry Harbours, negative number C 4663. This print dates from around the 1940s.

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Reference: 1990/24/7