The D-Day Story Collection


Supplement No.1 to ONI 226 - Allied Landing Craft and Ships. New information.

A gazetteer of craft and ships for use in amphibious operations, entitled 'Supplement No.1 to ONI 226 - Allied Landing Craft and Ships. New information.' It was prepared as part of Operation Neptune, hence the 'ON' number. It includes very useful illustrations of all major Allied landing craft and ships used on D-Day. This booklet was previously owned by Major H.A. Redburn. At the time of D-Day, Major H.A. Redburn, Royal Artillery, was Military Landing Officer (MLO), 6 Beach Group, and DAQMG(M) ([Deputy Assistant Quartermaster (Movements)?) at headquarters, 3rd British Division, which landed on Sword Beach. A Military Landing Officer was a member of staff of the Beach Commander of a Brigade Maintenance Area, and took charge of movements in and out of the Beach Maintenance Area, where vehicle and personnel assembled and ammunition, petrol and suppliers were dumped.

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Reference: 1990/166/2