The D-Day Story Collection

steel helmet

A British Army helmet painted green and covered with netting. It has a white 'MLO' marking on the front and a white band around the rim. The while band indicated that the wearer belonged to a beach group. It belonged to Major H.A. Redburn, Royal Artillery. At the time of D-Day he was Military Landing Officer (MLO), 6 Beach Group, and DAQMG(M) ([Deputy Assistant Quartermaster (Movements)?) at headquarters, 3rd British Division, which landed on Sword Beach. A Military Landing Officer was a member of staff of the Beach Commander of a Brigade Maintenance Area, and took charge of movements in and out of the Beach Maintenance Area, where vehicle and personnel assembled and ammunition, petrol and suppliers were dumped.

Location: On display at The D-Day Story


Reference: 1990/166/3