The D-Day Story Collection


A photograph showing troops disembarking on Sword Beach, seen from the bridge of Landing Craft, Tank (LCT) 979. The caption in photo album 1993/14/1 states that it shows the 20 infantry carried by the LCT on D-Day, and that most were killed going ashore as they landed. Directly infront of the LCT, in the middle distance, are four German soldiers who tried to surrender but the LCT crew would not take them away to safety. There are soldiers leaving the ramp of the LCT and wadding through the water. There are also tanks and men on the beach. This is part of a collection of photographs compiled by Lieutenant Phillips William Doleman Winkley, regarding his war service on Landing Craft, Tank (LCT) 979. The Accession Register entry states 'Photograph album and loose photos'.

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Reference: 1993/14/11