The D-Day Story Collection


A photograph captioned 'File Number 252683. Released - June 17, 1944. Unhappy landing - Three members of a US Army airborne division that took part in the initial landings on France examine a giant Horsa glider which cracked up in the operation.' Photograph shows three US soldiers (from either 82nd or 101st US Airborne Division) examining a damaged Horsa glider, which is lying in the middle of a field. It is part of a series of photographs, most of which were taken by Lieutenant Commander Fred Gerretson USNR and men of his unit, US Combat Photographic Unit 8, in Britain 1943-1944, showing D-Day training and rehearsals, troops loading for D-Day, etc (1997/183 to 1997/268/). Some were taken by other US units.

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Reference: 1997/331