The D-Day Story Collection


A pass issued to Elsie Gwendoline Gorman giving her permission to enter the part of Southsea, Portsmouth, where she lived. This was issued as a result of tightening security measures in the lead-up to D-Day. Extra security precautions were imposed on Southsea much earlier than most of the country due to preparations for D-Day that were taking place in the area, such as the assembly of Mulberry Harbour 'Beetle' floats on Southsea seafront. The pass is titled 'Special permit for person whose identity card does not bear an address within the area, but who are temporarily living there or who enter it frequently for an approved purpose'. Elsie Gorman lived at 'Mandalay', 13 Alhambra Road, Southsea, Portsmouth. The pass is dated August 1943. This type of pass was no longer valid after April 1944, and had to be exchanged for the new type of pass that covered a much wider area: the whole southern coast for ten miles inland. This last information is from the 'Evening News' 17.4.1944, and was due to increasing security precauations as D-Day grew nearer.

Location: On display at The D-Day Story


Reference: 2003/1797