The D-Day Story Collection


A photograph of a group of British sailors, all wearing steel helmets with '6C' on them, holding a bomb tail fin and a sign that says 'Emerald / 2nd Front / 1944 ' Near Miss.' It was taken on 7.6.1944 and is captioned 'Picture No.5. This photograph illustrates very graphically the result of an air attack. It pictures the crew of Emerald's quarter deck 6-inch guns displaying the damaged fin of a German bomb. The bomb hit the top of the gun's magazine hoist, was deflected onto the nearby Carley float support and from there bounced harmlessly into the sea without exploding, leaving its fin behind as a souvenir. It is unlikely that the Emerald would have survived had the bomb exploded on impact with the magazine hoist, hence the commemorative photograph.' H.M.S. Emerald seems to have been hit by the bomb at around 2315 hours on D-Day. One of a series of photographs taken from the cruiser H.M.S. Emerald on D-Day and the subsequent days by A.B. 'Pusser' Hill of the ship's crew. He took these photographs unofficially, using the storeroom that he was responsible for as a darkroom, and sold copies to his shipmates. This ship was part of Force G and bombarded enemy targets in the Arromanches area (Gold Beach). The photographs have been removed from the album for conservation reasons (acidic and adhesive paper) and have been sub-numbered. The caption was written by Mr Leslie J.A. Wood who served on H.M.S. Emerald 1943-1944.

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