The D-Day Story Collection


A black and white photograph of part of Sword Beach at high tide with Landing Craft, Tank (LCT) 2046 beached. There are damaged buildings and groups of soldiers and tanks on the shore, including a Sherman BARV (Beach Armoured Recovery Vehicle) near the centre of the photo. The date is unknown, but it was probably taken during June 1944 but after D-Day. The photograph is captioned on the reverse 'On the beach at high tide Sword LCT 2046'. The photograph is also captioned 'On the beach at high tide (Sword). C.O. Lt Masthead' and '104th Flotilla C.O. Lt Stanley Lambe 1st Lt S/Lt R.C. Bird on Juno/Gold June 1944'. It is part of a group of photographs that came from from or via Mr John H. Ellis, Mr Leslie Fowler and by Mr Heather. These men were all formerly RN Sub Lieutenants, the first two with LCT 2130, Mr Heather with LCT 2046.

Location: In store, can be viewed by appointment

Reference: 2005/92