The D-Day Story Collection


Two fabric badges, a Royal Warwickshire Regiment shoulder title and a 3rd British British Division badge, as worn on the shoulder of a British soldier's uniform during the Second World War period. They are sewn together at the upper tip of the second badge. These badges were presumably worn by John Gundy in around 1944 although this is not certain. They are part of the papers of Private John Gundy who served with 2nd Battalion, The Royal Warwickshire Regiment during the Second World War. On D-Day the battalion landed on Sword Beach as part of 3rd Division. John Gundy was a company runner. After landing on D-Day and serving through to the end of the war, he served in Palestine until being demobilised. The badges were loose inside 2009/834/1, a scrapbook compiled by John Gundy about his army service during the Second World War and in Palestine after 1945, but were removed and accessioned separately to keep track of them.

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Reference: 2009/384/1