The D-Day Story Collection


A photograph of Free French troops and members of the French Resistance (on the right) infront of a building that has very large doors. It was taken during the liberation of Paris, August 1944. Print numbered 60. It is part of a set of 17 photographs showing the liberation of Paris by the French Resistance and by Allied forces on 19-25 August 1944, which were presumably sold commercially afterwards, perhaps by a Paris newspaper. Part of a group of items relating to Pierre Samuel-Yvon. His mother was from the Channel Islands, and his father was French. He lived in France before the Second World War, and joined the French Army. Around the time of the Dunkirk evacuation he was evacuated to the UK, landing in Portsmouth (he was billetted at Portsmouth Grammar School). He then returned to France, as did many French troops who had been evacuated, and was held in a prisoner of war camp by the Germans. He was then released in 1942 or later, and lived at St Malo. Because of his Jewish-sounding name, he had to prove that his family was catholic going back to the time of Napoleon Bonaparte, to show that he was not Jewish (or the Germans would have deported him).

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Reference: 2009/418