The D-Day Story Collection


An embroidered patch made of red felt with blue stitching for the Airborne Armoured Forces. It has one small hole, is slightly sticky and dirty and was presumably removed from a uniform. It is part of a collection relating to Ray 'Bunny' Belcher born on 23rd June 1923 at Abingdon. He left school in Easter 1941 and enlisted September 1941 in the Public Schools Training Reginment, Royal Armoured Corps. He passed out from OCTU (Officer Cadet Training Unit) Sandhurst on 1.1.1943, where he was awarded Sam Browne belt for the outstanding cadet of his troop, which was presented by General Sir Alan Cunningham. He was commissioned in the 6th Airborne Light Tank Squadron afterwards merged in the 6th Airborne Reconnaissance Regiment. He was promoted to 1st Lieutenant in July 1943. On 11.12.1943 he married Corporal Ada Kathleen Pearce of the Auxiliary Territorial Service (ATS) and was reported missing 6.6.1944 when attached to 7th Parachute Battalion of the Regiment as officer in charge of harbour landing party.

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Reference: 2010/668