The D-Day Story Collection


A photograph of a group of Polish soldiers in the UK around 1941-1944, gathered around a table outdoors, perhaps at a pub. It is one of a group of photographs taken by a Polish soldier, Corporal Tadeusz Kubisa who served in 10th Anti-Tank Company, 10th Armoured Cavalry Brigade in around 1942, and 1st Polish Anti-Tank Regiment in around 1944. After the German invasion of Poland he escaped to France, then commandeered a fishing boat to escape to England at the time of the German invasion of France, after which he was interned at Portsmouth. He was then sent to a camp in Scotland, and became part of a unit in the Free Polish Army. He is said to have landed in Normandy on 7.6.1944 (although the Poles landed in Normandy later in the campaign), and fought in the Battle of Normandy and later campaigns through to Germany. Details of what is shown in the photographs was not recorded and the caption given here is deduced from what is shown in each picture.

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Reference: 2013/14/4