The D-Day Story Collection


A white ensign from Motor Launch 136, which belonged to Royal Navy veteran Edwin John (Ted) Morgan who served on board at the time of D-Day. It has been signed by the crew near the centre of the flag. Ted Morgan was called up in 1943, and left the Navy after the end of the Second World War, but was recalled for the Korean War. In his post-1945 naval service he trained as a diver. Around the time of D-Day he spent four days escorting troops going ashore (initially at Gold Beach?), before returning to the UK. When he was called up, he had added a year onto his age because his father was interned in Switzerland (having become a prisoner of war after the German invasion of France in 1940, and then escaping to Switzerland) and Ted wanted to earn a man's wage in the Navy in order to support his mother and his four siblings. He died in around 2007.

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Reference: 2016/340