D-Day on your doorstep

Sunday 23 June 2019

11:00 to 12:00

D-Day on your door step…. at No 20.

Join Red Sauce Theatre and the Extras for a unique and quirky theatre performance that tells the human story of what really happened behind the closed doors of families in Portsmouth.

The play is an emotional, charismatic performance told through drama, music, art and video installation. The performance will take place in the The D-Day Story’s displays and the cast will deliver their own moving interpretation of the letters sent home to Portsmouth by Second World War soldiers. They hope that the play will bring you closer to the men and women involved and a greater understanding of the experiences they lived through.

Red Sauce Theatre group will be joined by the New Theatre Royal’s inclusive theatre company ‘Extras’. The group were inspired by objects in The D-Day Story’s collection and have been collaborating with the museum to carry out research to create the performance.

The performance is included in the admission price to the museum.