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LCT Navigator: Role Profile


In summer 2020, Landing Craft 7074 arrives in Southsea.

We need your help to volunteer to tell the story of LCT 7074, a D-Day hero.

What is LCT’s story?

LCT 7074 was built specifically for D-Day and was launched on 4 April 1944, just two months before the planned landings. Despite bad weather on D-Day forcing it back out to sea, LCT returned to land at 09:30 with the rising tide on the 7 June. Nine of the ten tanks successfully made it ashore.

After the war, no longer needed for active service, the function of the LCT took a surprising turn away from combat and towards leisure. In 1947 the craft was converted into a floating club for the Master Mariners in Liverpool, before being officially opened as the nightclub Clubship Landfall in 1968.  By the 1990s, the LCT was abandoned and in 2013 (by this point partially submerged) she was moved to a jetty at a safe distance from the main channel.

The LCT was salvaged in October 2014, raised from the water, floated, and transported to Portsmouth Naval Dockyard where she is currently stored in BAE Systems’ main ship hall. In summer 2020 LCT 7074 will be brought ashore, by land and sea, to sit alongside the D-Day Story and open to the public in summer 2020.

What is an LCT Navigator?

An LCT Navigator will be trained to tell the stories of LCT 7074. As a Navigator you will be provided with the skills, knowledge and confidence to:

  • Be an ambassador for Portsmouth Museums to share stories of LCT across the city.
  • Be empowered to research stories of LCT, including seeing behind the scenes at museums as to how objects and stories are stored.
  • Be part of commemorations of D-Day 75 through community roadshows, pop up NAAFI events, capture oral histories and bringing stories to life for all.
  • Be proud to be part of shaping the future of how we remember D-Day and generate pride in Portsmouth as a place to live, work and visit.

What do I need to do to play my part?

  • Be able to commit to a regular volunteering. The volunteer programme is designed to be flexible through working as a group so it can be responsive to your other commitments.
  • Have a friendly and approachable manner.
  • Be willing to work as part of a team and share learning.

How do I apply to volunteer?

If you are interested in volunteering with us, please complete the enquiry form below. We will get in touch as soon as possible to discuss your interest.

For further information please contact Daniel Jessop, Community Participation Officer LCT 7074:
Tel: 023 9283 4671
Mob: 07825 680110
Email: Daniel.Jessop@portsmouthcc.gov.uk