The D-Day Story Collection

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We hold an astonishing and varied range of objects in our collection, from a tiny button compass to a genuine Second World War LCVP landing craft.

Other items include military equipment, uniforms, archive documents, maps, vehicles, paintings, oral history interviews and photographs. The collection enables us to bring to life the story of the events that led up to D-Day and what happened on the day itself.

Approximately 15% of the collection is currently available online. We will be adding more objects and archives in the future.

Many of these items are on display at The D-Day Story, others are in store.  You can explore the collection online here.

If you would like to add to our collection please see our artefacts wishlist.

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In this section:

Collection: Portsmouth area and D-Day

Portsmouth and the surrounding region played a vital role in preparing for D-Day and sustaining the Normandy campaign.

Collection: Archives

The archives held by The D-Day Story document many aspects of D-Day and the Battle of Normandy. Wartime maps of the beaches and areas further inland (mostly Allied, some German)…

Collection: D-Day beaches and the Battle of Normandy

The D-Day Story holds a range of artefacts and documents relating to the beach and airborne landings and the Battle of Normandy: orders and maps, items found by Allied forces…

Collection: Planning D-Day

The D-Day Landings were a huge operation that was years in the planning. Intelligence was gathered on European coasts and German defences Allied headquarters were set up to create detailed…

Collection: Uniforms and equipment

Men and women serving on both sides were issued with items of uniform and equipment. People also carried personal equipment.  The Collection includes: Clothing including uniforms (although that worn on…

Collection: vehicles, artillery and ships

Transport of all types played an essential part in the Normandy campaign. Ships and landing craft carried troops and supplies across the English Channel or played other supporting roles Tracked…

Special collections

All the items we hold are important.  ‘Special’ collections are groups of items that hold a wealth of original information often from one source – one business or organisation or…

D-Day reference library

Hundreds of books have been published on D-Day and the Battle of Normandy, and even more on the Second World War in general. The D-Day Story archives contain copies of…