A group of Polish soldiers in Britain during the Second World War.

A group of Polish soldiers in Britain during the Second World War.

Polish airmen took part in missions on D-Day and during the Battle of Normandy. Several Polish ships also took part in the naval part of D-Day, and the 1st Polish Armoured Division landed later in the campaign and took part in the fighting around the Falaise Pocket.

Persons interested in tracing their relatives who were soldiers, seamen and airmen in the Polish Armed Forces under British Operational Command, should in the first instance contact the Polish Section of the UK’s Ministry of Defence where their individual service files are held.

Persons wishing to trace ancestors who served in the Polish Armed Forces prior to 1939 should contact the Polish Military Archives in Warsaw.

For individuals who served with the Free Polish forces, the Polish Institute and Sikorski Museum in London holds many useful records.

A complete list of Polish airmen who served during the Second World War can be found on the Krystek’s List website.

The UK’s National Archives contain records related to the Polish Resettlement Corps after the end of the Second World War.

If you are researching a serviceman who was held as a Prisoner of War the International Red Cross hold records of all twentieth century Prisoners of War.

Research at the D-Day Story

We do hold some material in our archives that may be useful. For example, we may have a published or unpublished history of a unit, the memoirs of another veteran who served in the same unit, or photographs of a relevant unit or place.

We also hold material such as maps that may be useful in understanding a soldier’s service in Normandy, for example. We also have a large library of books relating to D-Day. This material can be consulted by the public, by prior appointment.