Seeing our work on display – a great feeling

Both Chat over Chai Tuesday and Thursday groups created some beautiful work inspired by their research into the WRINs and WRNs.

The Tuesday group finished their pieces of collage and all their work was put together in one large piece.

Thursday group finished their sari with the help of textile and fashion students Chloe Manley and Charlotte Allen. They also produced a beautiful scrap book filled with photos and memories of the project.

Both groups’ work went on display on Southsea Common as part of the D-Day 75 commemoration events. The group headed down to the common to see their work on display and were over the moon with the final result. There was a lot of posing with the sari! There was also so much positive feedback from the public. In reference to the sari, one member of the public said: “It is utterly amazing and so inventive; I’m going to tweet about it later.”

All of Chat over Chai’s work is being displayed at The D-Day Story until the end of June and it will then go on display at The National Museum of the Royal Navy at the end of July. Portsmouth City Museum will then be accessioning the sari into their collection to represent the diversity, origins and interests of the city’s local community.

Here’s some of what Chat over Chai had to say about being involved in the project:
“I didn’t know much about D-Day and I’ve really enjoyed being part of the project. Helping the community to be part of the celebrations is great. A big thank you. I think I’m more ready to be involved in other projects.”
“I have gained the confidence to visit museums and carry out research.”
“I enjoyed the collaborative aspect of the project with group members, students and museum personnel.”
“It’s been interesting to find out more about women in the WRENS and WRINS, I have enjoyed the artistic challenges of sewing and scrapbooking – been outside my normal comfort zone.”
“I have enjoyed every minute of this project. Emma was great with getting us involved.”
“I feel honoured to have been involved in this project.”