WRINs, WRENs and a lot of fascinating research

After our visit to the National Museum of the Royal Navy, we were really inspired and excited to showcase the stories of the WRINs and WRENs. We wanted to find a way to tell the story of both organisations in a creative and artistic way so we went away and did a bit of research on our own.

Part of the WRINs uniform was a white sari. We wanted to represent the WRINs because they are so often forgotten from history and they played an important role in India’s Navy during WW2. So we decided that Thursday group would create a sari inspired by the WRINs and WRENs. So far we have been embroidering messages onto fabric which we will then sew onto the sari. In the coming session we will be printing photos of the WRINs and WRENs onto the material and writing quotes and messages from these women onto the sari.

The Tuesday group decided they would do something a little different. They are working with landscape and portrait artist Donna Poingdestre to turn their research into a work of art. Their first session was all about creativity and bringing the photos of the WRINs and WRENs to life with colour as, after all, these were women who lived their lives in colour.

We are really excited because we are going on a trip to The National Army at the end of April and they are very kindly running a workshop on the importance of the Indian Army for us. Hopefully we will learn much more about the important role that India has played in conflicts all over the world.

We are all really enjoying the project and finding out lots that we didn’t know before. It has been so interesting to see all the artefacts and now we are doing something practical, we can see the project taking shape.