Finishing the tour and welcoming visitors

The Milton community group has had a very successful response to their local D-Day walking tour. With the help of graphic designer Nigel Kellaway, the group created waypoint markers to help guide people through the walk, as well as leaflets detailing the historical link at each way point, and a website where the public can visit and find out more detailed information about the history. In the end there were only two members of the group, so they worked incredibly hard to create the tour.

Their trail leaflets went on display on Southsea Common as part of the D-Day 75 celebration events. The public were excited to give the walk a try with one commenting: “That’s fantastic, it’s something I can do with my parents and friends when they come and visit.”

The group have also successfully organised guided walking tours and will carry on doing so throughout summer 2019.

More information about the walk and information on how to book onto the walk is available on their website

Here’s some of what the Milton group had to say about being involved in the project:
“It has been useful to bring together various sources to gain an insight into how people present information.”
“I have a better understanding of what it was like in the city 100 years ago.”
“I have a deeper knowledge and understanding of the role that Portsmouth played around D-Day.”