The big day is less than seven weeks away…

We have found ourselves seven weeks away from our performance! We have been very busy.

Our research for the performance may be pretty much complete, but over the last few months we have been pulling together its many parts. We’ve decided on our costumes and found someone to make them – they are looking fabulous.

The last bit of research we are doing is learning what became of the soldiers and their families after the war. Luckily many of the people mentioned in our performance are still alive or have relatives that are, so it has been an interesting process trying to find out more information.

We have also had the opportunity to do some additional research for the performance. In April we took part in a 1940s makeup and hair workshop and have a really good idea of how women’s fashions of this era looked; how women dressed their hair and how they made and wore their make-up. Maybe we can use this in the preparation for our performance?

In March we were also very kindly allowed to enter Fort Nelson before public opening hours and film some footage for the performance in front of one of their tanks.

Our performance piece is complete in its structure; we have our costumes and also sorted out our programmes for the night.

We have a new narrative/soundtrack which is wonderful. We can definitely seeing the production coming together now.

We only have just over one month left so we now need to rehearse and get the piece to a really professional standard!