Jargon buster

What is a bogus map? What does BIGOT mean?

What was SHAEF? What does BARV stand for? What were hedgehogs doing on the Normandy beaches?

D-Day produced thousands of code names, acronyms, abbreviations and many other strange and unusual terms and names!

We have compiled a list of some of the most common terms related to D-Day. If you think something is missing, please let us know.

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Mallard, Operation

The codename for the landing of the British 6th Airlanding Brigade in Normandy by glider assault in the early hours of D-Day.

Marshalling area

Areas in southern England that were used to house troops just before they boarded landing craft and ships to sail to Normandy.

Martlet, Operation

The codename for a British offensive between 25 June and 1 July 1944 to capture the city of Caen.

Mastodon, HMS

The Exbury Estate in the New Forest played an important role in the strategic planning of D-Day. Exbury House was designated as HMS Mastodon from May 1942 to July 1945. Mastodon was responsible for the administration of victualling, arming and training of crews for the landing craft that were used in the amphibious assaults against occupied Europe, D-Day.

Montgomery, Bernard L, Field Marshal

Field Marshal Sir Bernard Montgomery was Commander-in-Chief of the British 21st Army Group and Allied Land Forces Commander for the initial assault phase of Operation Overlord, including D-Day. He had commanded the British Eighth Army in the North African, Sicily and Italian campaigns.


Motor Torpedo Boat.


The code name for two artificial harbours, off Omaha Beach and Arromanches, designed and built by the Allies to support the D-Day landings and enable them to get reinforcements and supplies ashore quickly at all states of the tide.