Clifton College Preparatory School, Headquarters 1st US Army, Bristol

AddressPreparatory School, Clifton College, Bristol, City of Bristol BS8 3EZ, UK
Location typeHeadquarters Site
Site Ownership and Access Information?The site still remains as a College, and the grounds are not accessible to the general public.
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Staff of the 1st US Army were housed at the College from 1943 onwards, along with General Omar Bradley who played a very important part in the preparations for the D-Day Landings.

During their time at the College, the Preparatory School was used for planning many aspects of the D-Day Landings. The Staff would then stay where the boarding school students would sleep before they were evacuated, and would often hand out chocolate and ice cream to the children who stayed at the Preparatory School. Much of the playground was taken over by Military Vehicles.

The extensive planning for D-Day was vital in ensuring Allied victory, and there is no doubt that what was planned inside the Preparatory School was important in ensuring that D-Day was a successful operation.

Photographs courtesy of:

Adrian Pingstone and

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