Combined Operations Training Centre, Inveraray

AddressInveraray PA32 8XT, UK
CountyArgyll and Bute
Location typeTroop Camp
Site Ownership and Access InformationToday the site is a caravan park. There are several memorials on publicly-accessible land nearby: see
Contact detailsPlease see websites for more information

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HMS Quebec – a Royal Navy shore base, not a ship – was the Combined Operations Training Centre, where Allied troops practised amphibious warfare. It was situated at Inverarary on Loche Fyne, on Scotland’s west coast. For much of the war, it was the main centre for amphibious training in the UK. Amphibious landings, meaning attacks from the sea against an enemy-held coast, were complicated and required many skills that were not part of a soldier’s normal repertoire.

After the British had been ejected from continental Europe in mid-1940, following the Evacuation from Dunkirk, preparations were made to train the armed forces for the return to Europe. The Commandos were set up in order to raid enemy coasts. In October 1940 the centre at Inveraray was
created to train them in techniques such as disembarking from landing craft, and making landings under enemy fire. As D-Day grew near, the base was also used by many Allied units to learn the skills they would need to land in Normandy. By 6 June 1944, around 130 battalions had trained there, including 29 Canadian and six US units. Training began at a small scale, and moved up to mass landings on a two-mile stretch of beach near Strathlachlan.

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