D-Day troop embarkation site, Warsash

Address74 Shore Road, Warsash, Southampton, Hampshire SO31 9FT, UK
Location typeTroop Embarkation Site
AccessPublic Access
Site Ownership and Access InformationThere is a memorial and various plaques on the wall of The Rising Sun pub and the pier, plus a detailed information board.
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This was the embarkation point for Commandos of 1st and 4th Special Service (Commando) Brigades, who included both British Army and Royal Marine forces. The 1st Brigade was commanded by Lord Lovat and included his famous bagpiper Bill Millin. The two brigades landed on the British and Canadian beaches of Sword and Juno respectively. On D-Day, the commandos were given special tasks that involved marching from the beaches to achieve a specific objective. For example, Lord Lovat’s forces landed on Sword Beach, and their objectives included reinforcing the airborne troops led by Major Howard at Pegasus Bridge, and the capture of particular strongpoints nearer the landing beaches.

This site is at the mouth of the River Hamble as it enters the Solent, just opposite the ‘Rising Sun’ inn. 

Images courtesy of Commando Veterans Association website.

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