Free French Forces Headquarters, Carlton Gardens

Address3 Carlton Gardens, St. James's, London SW1Y 5AA, UK
Location typeHeadquarters Site
Site Ownership and Access Information?Private residence, no public access. Please respect the privacy of the current occupants. A plaque on the front of the building and the statue of de Gaulle opposite it mark its wartime history.
Contact detailsPlease respect the privacy of the current occupants.

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In June 1940 General Charles de Gaulle arrived in London, leaving behind him the defeated France as German forces organised the Vichy government and occupied Paris.

De Gaulle’s mission was to restore honour and glory to both France and her empire. From the 17 June 1940 to his return to France on 14 June 1944 General Charles de Gaulle spent four years in London at 3/4 Carlton Gardens which became the headquarters for the Free French armed forces that he led. For the majority of this period, De Gaulle spent his days at the Carlton Gardens Headquarters where he organised Free French training and operations.

Today, to commemorate De Gaulle’s achievements, a statue of the General is located in Carlton Gardens opposite the building that he set-up as the Free French Forces Headquarters during the Second World War.

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