H.M.S. Brontosaurus, Castle Toward, Dunoon.

Address2 Woodside, Toward, Dunoon, Argyll and Bute PA23 7UJ, UK
CountyArgyll and Bute
Location typeTroop Camp
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Initially this base provided basic Royal Navy training for the officers and crews of major landing craft. In November 1942 the ground force element from H.M.S. Dundonald was transferred to Castle Toward and Inveraray about the time the Commandos and Infantry Battalions were being trained in amphibious operations.

The school’s remit therefore expanded to include the training of officers and men of the Royal Navy, Army, RAF Regiment and ground crews in combined amphibious operations. The trainers used a variety of assault landing craft such as Landing Ship Infantry (LSI), Landing Craft Tank (LCT) and Landing Craft Personnel (LCP).

The training of officers and men of the ground forces included the skills and procedures of loading tanks, vehicles and personnel followed by the disembarkation of men and machines in mock landings on ‘assault’ beaches in the area.

Photographs courtesy of: http://www.combinedops.com

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