House used by double-agent “Garbo”, Crespigny Road, Hendon

AddressLondon NW4 3EA, UK
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From a small Victorian house in Crespigny Road, in north west London, double-agent “Garbo” (Juan Pujol) transmitted false information to the Germans. His work played a vital role in D-Day.

Garbo was working for the Allies, but the Germans believed that he was working for them. With his ‘handlers’ from the British security service MI5, Garbo sent radio messages back to Germany that the Germans believed were gathered by a network of spies who reported to Garbo (in fact, none of these spies existed).

Messages sent by Garbo convinced the Germans that the Allies’ main offensive would come in the Pas de Calais, further north than Normandy. Garbo’s information was a major factor that led to many German units being held in the Pas de Calais after D-Day, rather than being sent to Normandy where they would have made the advance of the Allied troops even harder.

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