J. Hudson & Co. – US Airborne ‘Cricket’ Manufacturer.

Address244 Barr Street, Birmingham, West Midlands B19, UK
CountyWest Midlands
Location typeOther
Site Ownership and Access Information?The site is still a factory producing the Crickets and whistles. The street is accessible to the public and can be seen from there.
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The ‘Cricket’ was used as a means of identifying fellow soldiers during the darkness or in situations when the enemy was close by. They were also used as a way of giving orders with different numbers of clicks being given for different meanings.

The ‘Cricket’ was designed and made in Birmingham by J. Hudson & Co. and they are still available to buy to this day. They were originally called No.470 Clicker but the Airborne renamed them Crickets because of their close resemblance to the sound of the insect.

The Crickets were used by members of the US Airborne after they were dropped in Normandy in the early hours of the 6th of June.

Photographs courtesy of:

www.obsessionistas.co.uk, www.warhats.com

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