Kings Cliffe airfield

AddressWansford, Peterborough PE8 6NT, UK
Location typeAirfield
Site Ownership and Access InformationMainly private land. The airfield was returned to the RAF, and was sold in 1959. The site is now farmland. Several buildings survive and can be seen, as well as a memorial.
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Kings Cliffe airfield was opened by the RAF in 1941, and transferred to the US Air Force in January 1943. Around the time of D-Day, Kings Cliffe was occupied by the 55th , 77th and 79th Squadrons of the 20th Fighter Group, who flew P-38 Lightning aircraft.

At first their main duty was long range escort of US bombers on missions over German-occupied Europe. From March 1944, fighter-bomber missions became just as common, involving often low level attacks on enemy targets such as trains, airfields, and anti-aircraft gun positions. The units became known as the “Loco Group” because of the success of its frequent attacks on railways locomotives. At the time of D-Day, the 20th Fighter Group’s aircraft patrolling the skies of Normandy, and later in June they went back to their usual role of bomber escorts and fighter-bomber tasks.

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