Marshalling Area camp X4, Mynydd Lliw I and II

AddressGrovesend, Swansea SA4 4GP, UK
Location typeTroop Camp
AccessPublic Access
Site Ownership and Access InformationToday the site is common land (Bryn Lliw Grasslands and Mynydd Lliw Common) that can be visited by the public.
Contact detailsSee Bryn Lliw Grasslands and Mynydd Lliw Common website.

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This was one of several camps in Marshalling Area X. Troops camped in this area in South Wales were part of follow up Force ‘B’ which landed on the American beaches in Normandy in the days after D-Day. Among the units camped in South Wales before D-Day were the US 2nd Infantry Division, who began landing on Omaha Beach on D+1 (7 June 1944). Units in Marshalling Area X embarked through ports in the Swansea area.

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