PLUTO Pipeline Pumping Station (DUMBO), Greatstone, Kent.

AddressLeonard Road, Greatstone, New Romney, Kent, UK
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Site Ownership and Access Information There were five such installations sited in Leonard Road, Greatstone, three on the west side being used as pumping stations and two on the east side as staff quarters. Pluto Cottage at Dungeness was a pumping station built to look like a small house; it is now a Bed and Breakfast. Please respect the residents in the area as well as the property owners by avoiding taking pictures and not trespassing on their land.
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The Pipeline Under the Ocean (PLUTO) ran from Dungeness and Greatstone under the English Channel to the French coast to supply fuel to the allied D Day invasion army in the second world war.

At Romney Marsh, the main pipeline came from Walton on Thames in Surrey, where it linked from the main UK pipeline network. It ran from Appledore, across the Royal Military Canal and then followed the Lydd railtrack to the water tower at Dungeness. Here it divided into two, with one section going east to Greatstone and the other to specially constructed buildings near to the lighthouse at Dungeness.

To protect both the pipe line and the necessary pumping stations, all installations were disguised to prevent the Germans from identifying their proper use. Terminals and pumping stations in Dungeness and Greatstone were disguised as bungalows, gravel pits, garages and even an ice cream shop.  

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