Portsmouth Dockyard

AddressPortsmouth PO1 3LJ, UK
Location typeNaval Base
AccessPublic Access
Site Ownership and Access InformationAlthough much of the Dockyard is still in naval use by the British armed forces, some areas are part of the visitor attraction Portsmouth Historic Dockyard, and can be visited. Access to the site is free during opening times, but admission charges apply for various museums and visitor attractions, which include HMS Victory, the Mary Rose, HMS Warrior, the National Museum of the Royal Navy, and Action Stations.
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Many of the specialised naval craft that were required for D-Day were modified at the Dockyard. These included rocket-firing landing craft, for giving the troops fire support just before they landed on the beaches. Work was also done on headquarters ships, which were fitted with sophisticated electronic equipment so they could control the landings from just offshore.

Earlier in 1944, so-called Phoenix caissions, part of the Mulberry Harbours, were built in the dry docks of Portsmouth Dockyard, as well as at other sites locally and further afield.

In the days before D-Day, the Dockyard was also used for embarking troops on board ship before they departed to land in Normandy.

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