RAF North Coates Airfield, Beaufighter anti-submarine aircraft

Address84 Samphire Close, Grimsby, Lincolnshire DN36, UK
Location typeAirfield
Site Ownership and Access InformationThe site closed in 1990 and has since had its tarmac runway ripped up and a smaller grass strip has been created. The Airfield is no longer part of the RAF and is owned by the North Coates Flying Club, meaning public access is not available.
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Two Squadrons of Beaufighter Planes were required to assist with the anti-shipping movement under 16 Group which were to protect the Eastern Task Forces (Gold, Juno and Sword Beach) on the 6th of June 1944.

The role of the Beaufighters was to circle around the mass armada of Naval Vessels heading towards Normandy, and protect them from any threats from German Submarines and E-Boats (Torpedo Boats). The Beaufighters were equipped with Rockets and Torpedo’s, which could inflict huge damage on the German Navy.

No engagements were made due to the limited strength of the German Navy, and as a result both squadrons returned to North Coates before nearing the French Coast and no Beaufighters were lost.

Photographs courtesy of:

www.ronaldv.nl, www.northcoatesflyingclub.com, www.bmaa.org, www.vicflintham.co.uk

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