RAF Stoney Cross airfield

AddressForest Road, New Forest National Park, Lyndhurst, Hampshire SO43 7HH, UK
Location typeAirfield
AccessPublic Access
Site Ownership and Access InformationPublic access, land managed by Forestry Commission. The main runway is now a road. Part of the land is used as a campsite and car park.
Contact detailsSee Forestry Commission website.

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RAF Stoney Cross opened in November 1942. It was situated west of Cadnam and had three runways. From August 1943 until the end of March 1944, the airfield was used by 279 and 299 Squadrons RAF, who were training in towing Horsa gliders. The Horsa was built at nearby Christchurch in large quantities by its designer, the Airspeed company. On D-Day, Horsa gliders were used in large numbers by both British and US airborne forces.The next units at the site were three squadrons of the United States Army Air Force (393, 394 and 397 Squadrons) used the airfield for training to prepare for D-Day. After D-Day, the base returned to less frontline uses, such as glider servicing.

During the Second World War there were twelve airfields in the New Forest, nine of which were built in wartime. Flat areas of land in this region made it suitable for creating airfields. Being situated near the south coast of the UK also made the The New Forest a useful base for aircraft operating over continental Europe.

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