RAF Winkton airfield

AddressDerritt Lane, Christchurch, Hampshire BH23 8AX, UK
Location typeAirfield
Site Ownership and Access InformationMainly private farmland. There is a car park with an information board about the airfield.
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RAF Winkton, located just west of Bransgrove, opened in 1944. It was an Advanced Landing Group: a temporary airfield created to support the planned Allied invasion of Europe. This two runway steel tracking base was used by three squadrons of P-47 fighter-bombers which supported Allied troops on D-Day.

During the Second World War there were twelve airfields in the New Forest, nine of which were built in wartime. Flat areas of land in this region made it suitable for creating airfields. Being situated near the south coast of the UK also made the The New Forest a useful base for aircraft operating over continental Europe.

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