“Rattle” conference, 1943

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The “Rattle” conference was held by Allied planners and senior officers in the Scottish town of Largs on 28 June – 2 July 1943, just under one year ahead of D-Day. The meeting was chaired by Admiral Lord Louis Mountbatten, and British officers attending included twenty generals, eleven air marshals and air commodores and eight admirals. Some 20 senior US and Canadian officers also attended. After the discussions that took place here, the planners decided to select Normandy as the site of the Allied landings that would become D-Day, rather than other options such as northern France. The also made decisions relating to Plan Fortitude, the deceptions that would attempt to distract the Germans from realising the true location of the landings.

The meeting was held at what was then the Hollywood Hotel, near the seafront at Largs. The hotel was was in fact part of a larger base at Largs used by the armed forces for much of the war, which also included the nearby Vanduara Hotel. The base was given the designation of HMS Warren, or No.4 Combined Training Centre. From 1942 to 1946 it was a Senior Officers training centre for Combined Operations (the tri-service British organisation set up in wartime to plan for the Allied landings in North West Europe).

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