SHAEF HQ, Bushy Park

AddressHampton Wick, Teddington, Greater London TW11 1AQ, UK
Location typeHeadquarters Site
Site Ownership and Access InformationOwned by Royal Parks. Open 24 hours except September and November, Car Parks
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Bushy Park was the Headquarters of the US Eighth Air Force until January 1944. The Eighth Air Force bombed targets in occupied Europe prior to D-Day. The Eighth Air Force Headquarters moved to High Wycombe in January 1944. In March 1944 the Supreme Headquarters of the Allied Expeditionary Forces (SHAEF ) moved to Bushy Park from Norfolk House in London. The SHAEF Headquarters at Bushy Park was codenamed ‘Widewing’.

The SHAEF Headquarters were in the north-eastern part of the park, between Warren Plantation and Sandy Lane. The Supreme Commander General Dwight D. Eisenhower, his deputy Air Chief Marshal Sir Arthur Tedder and Eisenhower’s chief of staff, General Walter Bedell Smith, were based at Bushy Park in the months prior to D-Day. There was also an airstrip further south near the Royal Paddocks.

There is very little evidence of the headquarters buildings which were demolished in the 1960’s. There is however a Memorial to SHAEF east of the Teddington Gate, and a SHAEF Gate in the park wall along Sandy Lane.

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