St. Davids Airfield – Halifax Anti Submarine Warfare, Pembrokshire

AddressPembrokeshire Coast National Park, A487, Saint David's, Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire SA62 6UG, UK
Location typeAirfield
AccessPublic Access
Site Ownership and Access Information?The site is now disused and owned by the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park. There is a public footpath running through and around the Airfield.
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At St. David’s Airfield there were two squadrons of Halifax bombers, specifically designed for Anti Submarine Warfare (ASW). The airfield was initially set up to prevent the sinking of merchant vessels crossing the Atlantic, but as D-Day neared it was needed for another purpose.

The role of the Halifaxes on D-Day was to circle around the mass armada of the Western Task Forces (Utah and Omaha Beach) and act as another means of protection against any German submarines or E-Boats looking to attack.

No planes were lost in the operation due to the limited German naval strength. As soon as they neared the coast of Cherbourg, both squadrons returned back to St. David’s as the rest of the operation was now down to the Navy.

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