Troop embarkation site, Southampton Western Docks

AddressSouthampton SO15 1HJ, UK
Location typeTroop Embarkation Site
Site Ownership and Access Information?Today the Western Docks are used by cruise ships and large container ships. They are not open to the public, but can be seen from a distance from public roads.
Contact detailsThe docks are not open to the public.

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Southampton Western Docks were used to dock larger ships during Operation Overlord, including Motor Transport Coasters, Motor Transport Ships and Stores Coasters.

Southampton was a very important embarkation site for troops bound for Normandy. Many of these troops came from the camps of Marshalling Area C, which were mainly located to the north of the city. The closest camps were on Southampton Common.

From 31 May onwards, and according to a highly detailed timetable, troops began to make their way down to the coast and embark onto the ships and landing craft that would take them to Normandy. Vehicles were often loaded earlier, and troops on foot embarked only just before D-Day. The troops bound for landing on D-Day were followed by forces who would be landing on subsequent days, forming a steady stream moving down towards the south coast that in many places continued for months.

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