US Assault Training Centre, Braunton Burrows.

AddressAmerican Road, Braunton, Devon EX33 2NX, UK
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AccessPublic Access
Site Ownership and Access Information?The site can be accessed by the public and the Mock Landing Crafts can easily be spotted from the footpaths around the area; please be careful not to damage the concrete as they are a significant piece of history in the area. The dunes are still sometimes used as a military training area for a couple of weeks every year, so it is best to check if it will be accessible before going to the site.
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Braunton Burrows is a dune landscape which made it ideal to be able to practice for the D-Day Landings as it was similar terrain to those of the Normandy Beaches, especially Utah Beach. From 1943 until the final weeks leading up to D-Day, the Americans used this stretch of the Devon Coast to train the men who would go on to Land in Normandy, in aspects of assaulting the Beach and securing as much land as they could.

Located in the Southern area of Braunton Burrows is a concrete mock-up of 4 Landing Craft Tanks (LCT), and 2 Landing Craft Mechanised (LCM). Training on these would include how to get off the Craft, what to do in different situations and what to do once off the Craft. Dotted around other parts of the area are mock up Pillbox’s which were used in many training exercises and live ammunition would have been used.

The men who trained on these Dunes went on to land on Omaha and Utah Beach, many of which tragically lost their lives.

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