Time Label: August 1944

30 August 1944

German resistance to the south of River Seine comes to an end. Allied troops are now advancing rapidly to the north of the river, as the Germans continue to fall…

26 August 1944

The first British forces (43rd Division) cross the River Seine. They make more crossings over the next few days.

25 August 1944

French troops of 2nd Armoured Division, under US command and with the support of the Resistance, liberate Paris.

22 – 25 August 1944

British and Canadian forces continue advancing towards River Seine. This wide river is a major obstacle in the way of the German retreat and the Allied advance.

20 -21 August 1944

On 20 August 1st Polish Armoured Division and Canadian forces are isolated from other Allied troops. They try to close up the mouth of Falaise Pocket while retreating Germans struggle…

19 August 1944

American and Anglo-Canadian troops finally meet up. The German army in Normandy is nearly encircled in what becomes known as the Falaise Pocket. Many German troops attempt to fight their…

8 – 15 August 1944

A pair of Canadian-led attacks (Operations Totalize and Tractable) advance towards Falaise with the aim of meeting up with General Patton’s US forces advancing from the south and cutting off…

7 – 9 August 1944

German forces launch a major counter-attack (Operation Lüttich) towards Mortain, in an attempt to halt the US advance. After some initial localised successes, the attack fails. The Germans are left…