Time Label: July 1944

30 July – 7 August 1944

As the Americans begin to break through the German forces in the west, in the east British troops launch Operation Bluecoat. The British drive back the Germans and on 6…

20 July 1944

Over the previous few days, German forces have started to crumble in the face of the American advance. Today the first US troops enter Brittany, under the command of General…

25 July 1944

Starting near St Lô, US forces launch Operation Cobra. This offensive aimed to break through the German defenders and the confined terrain of the ‘bocage’ countryside.

18 – 19 July 1944

British troops launch another major attack, Operation Goodwood. This time it is to the east of Caen. After some advances, the attack did not achieve its final objectives. However it…

18 July 1944

US forces capture the town of St Lô, opening the way for the next big American offensive a week later.

10 – 17 July 1944

Anglo-Canadian forces engage in a series of exhausting battles to the west of Caen. These include the fierce fighting over the high ground known as Hill 112, and the Second…

8 – 10 July 1944

British and Canadians forces launch Operation Charnwood, aiming to liberate Caen. They reach the northern part of the city on 8 July, but Caen has been heavily damaged by Allied…

4 July 1944

After fierce fighting the Canadians capture Carpiquet airfield, just west of Caen (Operation Windsor).